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Welcome To RSVP Capital Advisors

RSVP Capital Advisors is a boutique investment banking firm, helping entrepreneurs and SMEs in their fund raising requirements and growth strategy. We provide end-to-end funding services, right from sourcing the client and conducting thorough due diligence, to finding suitable investors, drawing out necessary investment/shareholder agreements and channelizing the money into the investee account. We are sector agnostic, and our appetite for any investment transaction ranges from $100,000 to $10 M for equity investments, and up to $ 50 M for debt/syndicated debt investments.

More Information ...

Who Are We


RSVP Capital Advisors provides domestic & cross-border investment banking advice to its clients, combining its inherent team’s experience with a wide network of professionals, entrepreneurs and investors. The consulting wing of RSVP Capital Advisors provides its clients with the services of business plans, investment teasers, information memorandums, white papers, financial models, detailed project reports and business valuation reports.

Why Us


RSVP Capital Advisors has been rightly positioned as the chosen hub for both investors as well as ventures in the early to growth segment. For investors, RSVP provides buy-side advisory services - deal scouting, due diligence and portfolio management and advisory services. For entrepreneurs and SMEs, RSVP acts as their sell-side banker - helping them prepare their pitch books and other fund raising related material, and raises funds on their behalf.

What We Do -

            Fund Raising


RSVP provides end-to-end fund raising services for your company, including infusing debt (plain, mezzanine, convertible or foreign currency), equity (angel, Venture Capital and Private Equity) as well as Mergers & Acquisition advisory services. RSVP helps assess the need of capital for your business, helps optimize the value of your outstanding stock and negotiates the valuation and other terms & conditions of the investment on your behalf. On the other hand, RSVP assists investors in scouting for high growth opportunities that fit their investment profile, negotiates the valuation and investment terms on their behalf, channelizes the investment and advises the investors on suitable exit options.


            Management Consulting


RSVP helps your business growth in many ways, over and above its fund raising services. We conduct a thorough study of your business and industry, and help you conduct an in-depth introspection into your business and industry, and prepare appropriate documents like business plans and enterprise valuation reports. Further, RSVP helps your company with preparing appropriate pitch books and other documents for potential investors, such as IMs (Information Memorandum), Teasers, White Papers, Feasibility studies and Market Entry strategies. We help you take the next big leap in your business cycle and stage.


1. RSVP is very diligent about getting the deal structured right and in ensuring that both the investor and the investee feel comfortable with the transaction.
-- Ravi Narayan, CEO & Co-founder
( - MentorSquare Advisors)

2. 'I was very impressed by the way RSVP Capital Advisors went about our equity fund raising initiative, and their tireless efforts in preparing and putting together all the documents and pitch reports, required by investors.'
-- Prabhat Andleigh, CTO
( - LocSecData)

3. 'We are very happy with RSVP's advisory services to our company. We have benefitted from their work on our valuation report and our angel fund raising round.'
-- G L R Gupta, Chairman
( - IBSFINtech India Pvt Ltd.)


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