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Fund Raising - Buy Side Advisory

Engagement to source private investment opportunities

RSVP assists HNIs and Funds looking for private high growth investment opportunities, in the early – growth stage of the business cycle. We typically enter into engagements with investors who are looking for access to private companies, and source them deals based on their unique preferences of sector, size, geography, investment vehicle, etc.


For investors who have short-listed a venture(s) to invest in, or RSVP has scouted for deals on their behalf, RSVP assists them in conducting a thorough due diligence – financial, legal and operational due diligence – and helps in assessing and evaluating the identified venture’s fit into the investor’s overall portfolio, investment horizon and appetite. We have partnered with the most reputed law firm and chartered accountants in the city, to help us carry out the due diligence process.

Investment management

Investment Portfolio management

An investor – whether a fund, institution or an individual – needs a balanced portfolio, and has to align the portfolio with his/ its objectives, horizon and risk appetite. RSVP would identify such ventures for an investor, which would not only be a strategic fit, but also complement the rest of the incumbents in the portfolio. Ventures chosen would actively involve the investors (at the discretion of the investor) and the latter would be able to use his/its resources and experience in guiding and assisting the investee, and boosting its performance in any which way possible. We help set performance milestones for the portfolio companies, review their output periodically against the milestone/ benchmark set, trace the causes for any inconsistency and advise suitable remedies in order to catch-up with the targets. RSVP would monitor and evaluate the balance of the portfolio from time to time based on various criteria including individual and portfolio performance and sector exposure, and shall accordingly facilitate periodic rebalancing by advising the investor(s) on appropriate exits from companies, or adding other ventures in a similar, complementary or different industry, to what has already been covered by companies in the portfolio. Furthermore, having identified a suitable exit opportunity(ies), we would scout for potential buyers for the stake at an appropriate valuation, favoring our investor.

Investor representation

RSVP Capital Advisors would take up nominee directorship on the boards of investee companies on behalf of investor(s), or represent the latter in the decision making process of the investee, at the investor’s discretion. This is offered to only those investors who do not have the time, or bandwidth to actively engage in the policy making function, of their portfolio companies.

Merger & Acquisition Advisory

RSVP is well connected with the M&A departments of Fortune 2K IT and other companies, as well as entrepreneurs with sufficient corporate cash reserves and, looking to diversify their service/product offerings. When a company is looking to be make an acquisition, or is seeking to diversify its holding by acquiring a majority / controlling stake in another company, we find a strategic acquiree/ target for such a company, where the marriage yields not only significant synergies but also a complementary association between two ventures. Such an acquisition may take place by cash, through swap of shares or a combination of both, based on our advice and analyses of both the parties to the transaction. We typically get into engagements with the potential acquirer, to source them targets with specifications – such as sector, function, stage of business cycle, revenue growth, size of team, client order-book, etc. - as discussed prior to getting into the mandate.