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RSVP Capital Advisors arranges for long-term loans (corporate and other) to SMEs and growth stage ventures. After conducting a thorough due diligence and evaluation of the potential borrower’s financial statements, financial ratios and credit history, RSVP leverages on its contacts with local institutions as well as HNIs / family offices, to liaise in arranging the plain vanilla debt. These loans are normally raised through debentures issued by the borrower. However, Promissory notes and loan agreements may also be signed instead, based on the agreement between the parties.

Convertible debt

Convertible debentures may be issued by borrowers to give the option to the lender to convert his investment into equity at a pre-determined ratio, usually at a discount to the next round of funding, or based on the achievement of certain preset milestones. The investment criteria and evaluation process is the same for convertible debt, as the above.

Short term debt

Usually raised to fund working capital & short-term revenue expenses of companies. Depending on the stage of operation of the company, and the security offered, the interest rates may vary. RSVP may additionally liaise to provide an overdraft facility or line of credit in the short-term. Depending on the size of the business, the debt may be raised from individuals or financial institutions.

Syndicated term loans

SMEs & growth stage companies requiring substantial amount of capital, having a good track record and growth rate of revenues, profitability & cash flows, approach us for raising term loans to finance their investments, expansion, purchase of assets, etc. RSVP either raises this loan from a single bank/ institution, or syndicates it with multiple domestic banks, and coordinates the lead syndicate with the other lenders.

ECBs (External Commercial Borrowings) /Foreign Currency Loans

To leverage RSVP’s contacts with the debt syndication desk of foreign banks, as well as the low interest rates prevailing in the economies of Singapore, US and UK, and the stipulated marginal addition of 300 – 500 bps to the LIBOR, RSVP Capital Advisors provides ECBs to eligible companies, looking to raise foreign loans. Companies may or may not be required to offer security, however, those making an overseas acquisition, or domestic expansion and purchase of assets, and who meet the eligibility criteria of raising an ECB through RSVP, will benefit through the lower interest rates as well as foreign currency fluctuations. RSVP further advises such companies, on hedging strategies for their foreign currency loan portfolio & repayments. RSVP capitalizes on its network and relationships with banks – domestic and international – to seamlessly process such loans, at a fast pace.